Favorite Tech

Nowadays, there are several tech apps that you may use for good. You can download or install these apps to your mobile phone to easily access your most favorite tech apps. Some technology applications that you may explore are listed below:

1. Feedly — This is a type of RSS reader application which allows the users to subscribe on their desired tech blogs. Feedly is used by many people for great comfort and convenience in accessing tech blogs. You do not need to visit and browse the website just to watch the news since it has an auto-list of all news which had been published by different tech blogs.  

2. Drippler — This is an application that focuses on giving you the tricks and tips based on specific phone you’re using. It can detect a type of smartphone that you are utilizing and give you the most convenient way on how to use it for good.  

3. Tech Viral — This is a type of tech application that provides recent tech news, PC tutorials, android tricks, top-rated applications, and others.

4. Flipboard — This is an application that covers all categories of news. It is filled with a wide range of informative contents and fascinating tech articles.  

These are just some tech apps that may come in your bucket lists. You may install these tech apps and start exploring the benefits that you might get from them.